Weird request but if any of y’all can bring me fake blood then you’ll be my new best cosplay friend.

See y’all Tuesday at the latest for real this time. Night.

"How much sleep did you get last night?"

See y’all Tuesdayish after the con.

I”m writing up a Night Vale trivia game instead of packing haha.

I’m probably gonna be dressed as Kevin when I go to Hal Lublin’s improv panel and I feel really bad about that.

Obsessing about cosplay now. A factor changed and I didn’t have plans for Sunday either way and now I’m considering just bringing one Night Vale and one OFF cosplay (the non-worn one in a backpack) each day to tote around. 

(I’m bringing six; the other two are most likely gonna be one-time things, one because of my partner for the cosplay (and the fandom’s irrelevance) and the other because it’s for a dance and sucks.)

In unrelated news, I’m super busy tonight but I”m also tempted to dye my hair black.

Purple is not applicable, but which would be better for a Cecil cosplay: yellow (Strex) headphones, or unrelated olive green ones? Hnn.

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