Can’t tell if I’m tired or if I just royally fucked my eyes up yesterday at that amusement park with those old contacts.

Drove 6 hours. Left at 7 p.m. for the drive. ugh. tired.

I’ll probably stop updating now and go to bed soon. A friend said to ‘watch out’ because her parents ‘are really close to you right now’ and I freaked out more than was necessary due to tiredness?

But first I’m gonna read this fic update because dear sweet mindfulwrath never posts anything spooky/creepy. Never. Nuh uh.

I think I lost a follower.

Sorry for not tagging North Carolina.

I think I mentioned some variation of this before, but…

90% chance that I’m going to visit my mom/family in North Carolina for a minimum of a week starting tomorrow. Will post a confirmation tomorrow after driving, assuming that I do end up going. Or a very sad lonely post.

So they updated this crappy old ride that I love at Dollywood with neon paint and ~LASERS~. Plus they got rid of a fat mannequin character? I don’t know.

Now it looks crappy and old but also horrifically bright at parts. (Also a lot of the audio was either off/broken today, or is now missing.)

There needs to be a non-loud-speakers way to listen to your music in the shower. 

myinternetlyfe oh shoot, I forgot she worked there!

Do you know which ride she works again? Is/was it Mystery Mine? If you find out tomorrow/know tonight and can text me, then I’d love to stop by and say howdy!

Random life update:

Going to Dollywood tomorrow, which is a swell Dolly Parton themed place.

Also, will most likely be travelling home with my mom on Tuesday for a week or so, just for the sake of family. I’ll still be on, just less than ‘normal’.

Goodnight, friendos.

The end to the Jude saga is that my friend HAD heard the song, it had just apparently been a long time and she didn’t remember until she heard it.

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