diebrarian That sounds awesome. =w= I’m just gonna abduct my two classmate friends (both named Emily so that might be odd) and go to a Halloween store.

diebrarian I dunno about inviting them to coffee but I like where that Lego idea is going. (But all I have is a weird collection of Inuyasha action figures in my room…)

On an unrelated note, I’m caught up on Captain Laserbeam now and can confirm the greatness of the Diebrarian.

Is there a way to ask people your age out without it sounding like a date or am I just really really socially incompetent. Like, not a date. A friend date. An adult play date.


Someone had to ask.

Update: Googling it results in weird/gross fanfiction. I do not recommend.


Someone had to ask.

Update: Googling it results in weird/gross fanfiction. I do not recommend.

Someone had to ask.

Someone had to ask.





John Mulaney | The Salt & Pepper Diner



This is one of the best pieces of comedy that I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. I love this. I have been looking for this online for awhile.

(via roe-your-boat)

*rolls on ground angrily with affection for actors on Twitter*

Also, to anyone who saw my post about the Night Vale episode ‘being taken down’ without exact sources about why and never heard about the end of that…

It was a tech flub, not censorship. There was a joke about a toxic amount of nutmeg, but it was unrelated to the episode removal. Tech problem.

Hey Welcome to Night Vale fans, if you like Kevin R. Free then you should totally check this out.


(In case you do not know who he is (by the name), Kevin R. Free voices Kevin in WTNV and posts the best online shit on Twitter and his Tumblr and is one of my favorite people right now.)

I don’t really have enough money to help fund this at the moment, but if you do…or continue to spread it around. Or both.

So I heard the new Night Vale episode, but it’s missing from all but one source (from what I can tell) at this point, supposedly taken down.

Now, people are saying that it is due to the amount of nutmeg mentioned in the cooking segment (a supposedly toxic amount). Since lots of people are saying this, I want to assume that it’s true, but I’d feel more comfortable if there was a source. Twitter isn’t helping.

So, does anyone have the source for the reason why the episode was taken down? (Not that I don’t believe the recipe story, I just like sources.)

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