I’ve got like 3 mouth blisters and I just wanna eat citrus and haha the old lady cloud commercial is on again.

I’ll stop actually bitching now but seriously.¬†

okay actually, I should warn y’all better on the off chance that you plan on trying new mouthrinses soon.

This is the minty Crest mouthrinse that has seemingly caused me mouth injuries.

I do not recommend buying it. (I read some reviews that say it works if you rinse with water afterwards, but meh. I don’t trust it still, and that seems to defeat the purpose?)

I finally looked up Amazon reviews for my current mouthrinse and apparently I’m not the only one with infected tastebuds and sores on the insides of my mouth after using it. I should not get into the gross details here (if that wasn’t gross enough) but tl;dr I think I should switch back to my old mouthrinse.

When you mention an AU so bad to your roleplay partner that they just flat out don’t respond

Ideas for Dragon*con:

-Cecil and Kevin (not at same time tho)

-Re-vamped/finished greensuit Once-ler (villain ball?)

-Chell maybe? Bring this back?

-Zacharie (miaou)

Last thing:

To those of you living in a Carolina, Carowinds is an overpriced park with lots of very shaky and frightening rollercoasters. The best one is the racecar one, the Intimidator.

On an unrelated note (and therefore a different post), working to get my  Dragon*con cosplays together because I am more excited about that than I am about school re-starting.

I forget that Danny Elfman (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Oingo Boingo) did the Simpsons theme sometimes.

Cecil needs to chill out.



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